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Monday, August 6, 2018

Become Debt-Free

In review of Romans 13:8 it says, “Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other”(The Message).

Today's verse is Romans 13:8. In it Paul tells me to owe nothing to anyone, except for my obligation to love one another. When I you love my neighbor, I fulfill the requirements of God's law.

Love is my only obligation because I am permanently in debt to Christ for the lavish love he has poured out on me. The only way I can even begin to repay this debt is by fulfilling my obligation to love others in turn. Because Christ's love is infinitely great, I will always have the obligation to love my neighbors.

In addition to loving others, a worthwhile goal for me is to be completely debt-free. It is possible, and it’s important: for If God told me to go do something right now, it’s possible I couldn’t do it because I’m in financial bondage.

God’s Word tells me that I should never withhold the repayment of my debts, financially or with love. I should let no debt remain outstanding. This means, that if I’m only paying the minimum on due on a credit card or a loan, then I’m letting a debt remain outstanding. The Bible tells me to not do that. God is not going to bless that.

So for any debt, I need to set up repayment plan. God wants me to tithe, save, and repay debt.

Bottom Line:
Don’t incur debts, other than the one to love others because of what he did for us.

What this means to me:
My only debt should be the huge debt I owe to love others, because of what he has forgiven me of.

Is my debt (student loan and house payment) holding me back from pursuing my God-given mission? Am I struggling with the habits of saving and tithing? How might I be building up a “huge debt of love” toward the people in my life?

This morning Father, I have some things financially I need to take care, especially as it is related to giving. I pray that you Give me the strength to complete this. I also need to consider what I need to do to pay off my student loan quicker. Also help to bring to mind if there are others that I owe debt of love to. These things I pray in your Son Jesus name, Amen!