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Friday, July 26, 2019

Seizing the Opportunity to Serve

In review of Proverbs 3:27-28 it tells me to Never walk away from someone who deserves help; my hand is God’s hand for that person. Never tell my neighbors to wait until tomorrow if I can help them now” (The Message/GNT).

If I delay in doing good to others, I'm being inconsiderate and unfair. This is true whether it involves repaying a debt, returning a tool, or fulfilling a promise. Withholding what I owe destroys trust and creates inconvenience for others. I need to be eager to do good to others as I can, just as I would want others to do for me.

Love is something I do, not just say, “I feel sorry for what happened to that guy. Isn’t it a shame? Isn’t that too bad?” Love seizes the moment.

For instance, in one of Jesus’ most familiar parables, the Good Samaritan did several things to seize the moment. Some translations say he even “stooped down.” In other words, he got on the man’s level. He didn’t pretend he was superior, and he didn’t talk down to him (Luke 10:34).

Second, the Good Samaritan used what he had. He dressed the man’s wounds with wine and oil. Why? That’s what he had on his donkey. The wine worked okay because it’s alcohol. It’s an antiseptic. The oil worked okay because it would be soothing to the man’s wounds.

Then the Bible says the Good Samaritan dressed the man with bandages. Where did he get the bandages? This guy wasn’t a doctor. He didn’t have a first aid kit. And the hurt man had been stripped naked, so he didn’t have any clothes. The bandages were from the Samaritan’s own clothes.

The Good Samaritan did what he could with what he had at that particular moment.

The world is full of wounded people. I’m challenged this morning to consider how many people I walk by every day who are wounded? Maybe they’re not wounded physically, but they’re wounded emotionally. They’re wounded spiritually. They’re wounded financially. And they need my love. They need my kindness.

So, I shouldn’t wait for better conditions or wait until it’s more convenient. I shouldn’t put off what I know I can do for someone today. God will be with me as I seize the moment.

In summary, I should never walk away from someone who deserve help, as my hand is God's hand for that person. Never tell them to wait for tomorrow if I can help today. To delay is to be inconsiderate and unfair. I need to be eager to do good to others, just as I would want them to do for me. Love is something I do, not just say. Love seizes the moment. Just like the Good Samaritan, use what I have to help. The world around me is full of wounded people. They need my love and kindness. Most importantly, I shouldn't wait for better conditions or until it's more convenient. 

As I think about my schedule, I’m always running by the clock, a place to be or a meeting to attend. I don’t usually build in spare time. I often use keeping to a schedule/place as a way to hold back on helping. I think I need to learn to hold my schedule more loosely. Perhaps I can miss a meeting or there is always another train that I can catch. Also, I need to consider the tasks I have and the ones that can immediately help others and the ones who can be postponed so that I can show love and serve. This morning Father I ask and pray that you send the Holy Spirit to remind me to hold my schedule loosely and help those who need help at the moment. I also ask for wisdom and guidance for me day. Allow me as I work outside of the office today, I less hurried pace where I can think and properly plan and respond. These things I pray in your Son Jesus name, amen.