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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why ‘Just a Little More’ Will Never Make Me Happy

In review of 1 Timothy 6:6-7 it says,  Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it” (NIV).

I should honor God and center my desires on him, and be content with what God is doing in my life. Most believe that money brings happiness and pursue it. Paul provides some guidelines that can help me away for the love of money. 1). Realize that one day riches will all be gone. 2). Be content with what I have. 3). Monitor what I'm willing to do to get more money. 4). Love people more than money. 5). Love God's work more than money. 6). Freely share what I have with others.

God is far more interested in my character than my comfort. He wants me to grow up and become more like Jesus. His focus is on my attitude, not on making my life easier. He’s watching to see if I think having more will make me happier or if I’ve learned to be content with what he has provided for me.

When I learn to be content, I’m believing that God knows what I need better than I do and trusting that he will give me the necessary wisdom to make good financial decisions.

Most people get caught into “when” thinking: “When I get this, then I’ll be happy.” When you get a certain job, when you retire, when you get the house paid off, when all the bills are paid—and on and on.

But God knows that if I’m not content already, I’ll always want something else when I get there. Somebody supposedly once asked billionaire Howard Hughes how much it takes to be happy, and he said, “Just a little more.”

I can spend my entire life focused on money, trying to make it, earn it, save it, spend it, and use it. So God uses finances as the acid test of how much I trust him. When I have a need, he wants me to ask and learn to be content so that my happiness doesn’t depend on how much or how little I’ve got.

Contentment is not something that comes naturally for anyone. It’s something I have to practice every day. I have to remind myself that God is taking care of me and will provide everything I need. I have to choose to love and appreciate what I already have.

If I don’t learn contentment, I’ll always want more. But once I learn to be content, I’ll find joy greater than anything on earth could provide.

This morning Father I pray that remember to be content with what I have. When I need to ask you and learn to be happy serving others and you. I ask for wisdom for my day, my tasks, my listening, my leadership and my interaction with others. This things I pray in your Son Jesus Name, Amen.