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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unlocking Potential

A summary of John 8:31-32 says, 'Jesus said to those who believed in him, “You are my disciples if you live this out and stick with what I tell you.  Then you will experience the truth, and this truth will set you free.”'

Bottom Line:
Jesus told those who were following and believing in him, that “they would really be his disciples if they lived out and stuck with what he was telling them.  Then they would experience the truth and they would find that this truth will set them free.”

What This Means To Me:
God has laid out for us the truth of how he designed what our lives will be all about and how to live it.  When I read his word and follow what it says, the truths within it will set me free for an abundant life, one in which I can do possibly more than I could ever imagine.  Unlike God, I don’t think I really understand what my full potential is, however God knows.  At times and especially in the past I lived for the approval of others, spending time worrying about what others think of me or what other have said life is all about.  I need to be careful to not replay tapes of what others may have told me in the past or learned behaviors.  I need to talk with God about what my potential is.  With his help I can unlock this more in my life.  Jesus frees us through his Word, and this  will unlock all I’ve been made to do and be.  Through his Word/Truth I’ll be able to do things I’ve never thought possible.  However, In order to do this, I need to; learn what he says, accept it as a final authority for life, and then obey and do what it says.  God won’t bless me for what I know but rather for what I do.  Each day I need to make it a priority to see what he says in his Word.  In the next several days, I need to start thinking about areas I want to know more about, find scriptures that deal with those and then study them and unlock more potential than I knew could exist.