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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God Will Support And Guide

In summary of 2 Thessalonians 3:3 it says, "But God is faithful, he will never let us down; he will strengthen and stick by you and he will guard and protect you from evil and the evil one."

Bottom Line:
God will never let us down.  He will stick by you, strengthen you, and provide protection from evil and the evil one.

What does this mean for me:
God tells me that he can be trusted and counted on.  By having a close relationship with him, he is there to stick by me in my times of need.  He promises to strengthen me.  Also I as follow him he provides a level of protection which allow me to fend off evil and can help me fend off attacks from the enemy.  But I must choose to have a close relationship.  It is through this relationship that I am strengthened and given guidance that protects me if I choose to follow it.  So today, I will seek my relationship with him.  I’ll ask him to give me guidance and strength regarding a decision point in my career.  When evil comes near, I will rush to him.