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Monday, May 21, 2012

Confidence and Security

In summary of Proverbs 14:26 it says, "The fear the Lord builds up confidence and makes one secure.  This confidence and security become a refuge for you and your children; it allows your children to feel safe."

Bottom Line:
Fear of the Lord (taking him seriously) will build up your confidence which in turn helps make you secure.  It’s this confidence/security that provides safety for both yourself and for your family/children.

What this means for me:
My knowledge of who God is and really taking what he says seriously was my beginning of walking in a way that is wise/confident.  I have studied and realize that the “Fear of the Lord” is the razor thin line in which one crosses from folly into wisdom.  My confidence has grown because I meet with him frequently in prayer / quiet time studies and have seen what he does time and how he responds consistently time and time again.  In my relationship with him, I learn that He is always with me and has told me he would never abandon me.  With this promise it is much easier to start over when life gets me down or a situation seems hopeless.   The world has its own ways about how to gain confidence, however none of it really worked for me.  On my own, I had messed up my life, however with God I have the confidence and security I needed to start over.  I couldn’t make things right on my own, but the great news is that Jesus paid the price to bring me back into a direct relationship with the father.
I now have a confidence that in following him, he will not rip me off.   This security benefits those around me, I’m a good example in which others can see my confidence.    So I strive to live my life in a relationship with him and his purposes.  This week I will concentrate on understanding more about my God and understanding how the world around me has strayed from including God in it.  I would like to find a way to make a real difference in the lives of those I come in contact with.