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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing In Life

A summary of Luke 2:52 says, "As a Child, Jesus matured and he grew in wisdom and stature.  He was blessed by God and had favor with both God and with all the people."

Bottom Line:
Even as a child, Jesus matured and grew in wisdom and stature.  As he did so, God blessed him and he found favor with God and with all those around him.

What This Means To Me:
God will bless choices made by those who grow in maturity toward Him and His truths.  Following Jesus example, I need to continue what I can do to grow in wisdom; knowing about God and the Truth he has laid out for us in His Word.  I have a responsibility to take care of my body as God lives in and through me.  I need to serve others and do good for them; ultimately growing in favor with people and being known as a help, a good example that points all things towards God and not a selfish person who’s only out for myself.  As I do this I have a responsibility to train those under me to do the same.   To do so, I will continue to get into God’s word daily and learn more about His character and who He is.  Furthermore I will strive to learn his truths and put them into practice to get the most out of what He has intended for me.  As I do so, I need to remember that how I conduct myself and how I react to things in life will reflect what I truly believe.  I need to live out what I really believe.  I can be an example that others.  I would hope that they may look and say, please tell me why things appear to go smoothly with you and why you appear to be at peace always.