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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part Of God’s Inner Circle

In summary of John 15:15 it says, "Jesus no longer calls use slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves, nor does a servant know or understand his master's thinking or planning.  Instead he refers to us as friends, since he has told us everything the Father has told him."

Bottom Line:
Jesus no longer call us slaves, because a master usually doesn’t confide to his slaves or provide a full understanding of what he’s up to.  has a much higher regard for, he now calls us friends, since he had told and revealed to us all the Father has confided in him.

What this means for me:
Even though God created us and is rightfully our master (we should be in a Master-Slave or Creator-created type of relationship.)  He has chosen a much higher regard for us.  Jesus has brought us into a closer relationship, part of his inner circle because he has shared with us all that the Father has shared with him.  We can now understand what God has in mind for us.
The way he refers to me as “friend” is much more than a casual acquaintance.  I am now part of a close and trusted relationship.  I am part of an inner circle of trusted ones who enjoy a close contact, direct access and entrusted with confidential information.  That God would want me for a close friend is sometimes hard to understand.  I do know that God deeply desires an intimate relationship with him.  Knowing and loving God is my greatest privilege.  I will make it a priority to continually meet with him daily in prayer and my quiet time studies so that I can learn much more about him.  I would not want to miss out on this close relationship / time with him.