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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Learning to Surrender My Need

In review of Job 22:27 it says, “You will make your prayer to Him, He will hear you.”

Bottom Line:
If you pray to Him, He will hear you.

What this means to me:
When I make my need know to Him in prayer, He will hear me.

Today's verse comes from Job 22. It is Job's friend Eliphaz's third response to Him regarding what Job is going through. While Eliphaz showed a partial knowledge of God's truth and character, he had trouble accurately applying this truth to life. Eliphaz gave a great summary of repentance. He was correct in saying that we must ask for God's forgiveness when we sin, but his statement did not apply to Job, who had already sought God's forgiveness and had lived closely in touch with God all along.

We were all created as free moral agents. This means that I was designed to make decisions (both good and bad) of my own volition. God does have a perfect plan for me, however my choices and lead me to it or royally blow it. However, what I’m learning is that God will never give up on me. His mercy endures fresh everyday and to all generations that follow me.

He has given me the amazing gift of prayer, a tool I can use to reach Him at any time, night, or day. The One who holds all power in heaven and on the earth has promised to hear me when I pray. What I’m coming to realize is that God will not answer until I ask. The initiative lies within me... not God.

The Lord will not get involved in my life until I start asking for HIs help in prayer. Does He want my very best? Yes, He does. Does He already know what you need? Yes, He Does. But He is waiting for me to surrender my need for Him. And there is no greater time to start than right now.