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Friday, June 21, 2013

Becoming Like Jesus

In summary of Romans 8:29 it says, “God knew from the beginning who would put their trust in Him. So He chose them and made them to be like His Son. Christ was first and all those who belong to God are His brothers.”

Bottom Line:
God knew from the start who would trust in Him.  He chose and made them to be like His Son.  Christ was first, those who belong to God are His

What this means to me:
Before I was born, God knew my path and that I would respond to Christ as my Lord.  He chose me and wants me to take on the character of His Son.  Christ was first, I put my trust in him to show me the way / be my example to follow.  I have the privilege of being made in God’s image.  While I can’t fathom all that this means, I do know that part of it is that:
  • I’m a spiritual being - my spirit/soul will be immortal and will outlast my earthly body
  • I’m intellectual - I can think, reason and solve problems
  • I’m relational - I can give and receive real love; and I have moral consciousness - I can discern right from wrong, which in turn makes me accountable to God.  

My image however is incomplete, it has been damaged and distorted by sin (going my own way.)  God sent Jesus into our world to restore us to the full image I have lost.  Like father, like Son, God wants me, his child to bear his image and likeness as well.  Christ is my real life example to imitate.  I take great comfort in knowing that God has selected me and will do what he can to develop my character so that I can be more like his Son each day.  This development will not happen overnight.  It is something that will not be complete until I join him in Heaven.