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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shortcuts Are Short-sighted

In summary of Genesis 6:22 it says,
“Noah did everything God commanded him to do.”

Bottom Line:
Noah Obeyed What God Commanded him

What this means to me:
Just like Noah, I need to do everything that God tells me and not take shortcuts.  God he knows what's best for me and what my life could be if I did.  Unfortunately I do come across the temptation to take shortcuts.   What I’m learning is that taking shortcuts (moral, ethical, spiritual, financial, or even relational) will only get me off track. Any shortcuts will be short-sighted and distract me from getting where I really need to go and more importantly from what God wants me to do in my life.  When I look back at the life of Noah, I see he doesn't try to cut corners. Noah did everything just as God commanded him.  In order for me to reach the dreams God gives me, I must do things exactly as God tells me to do them.