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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Learning To Never Give Up On What God Has Asked!

In summary of 2 Chronicles 16:9a it says, "
The Lord keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to him. "

Bottom Line:
The Lord searches the the whole earth, he looks to give strength to those committed to him.

What This means to me:
God is keeping close watch, he provides strength to me as I fully commit my heart and life to him.  Delays, difficulties, detours and dead ends are all part of everyday life.  I can’t always predict when they will happen, and often things can take much longer than what I want.  In the story of Noah I find that it took 120 years for him to build the ark (this is a really long time of day after day after day activity.).  In all that time Noah trusted God and believed what God had told him to do.  In all of this, Noah did not give up.  So when I face issues accomplishing what God has communicated to me, I too should not give up.  I need to realize that God is in control and is always on the alert / lookout for those who are totally committed to him."  Overall God is looking to bless those who are committed to him. So when I face trouble, I’ll recommit myself and not give up on what God has asked me to do.