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Friday, April 12, 2013

Celebrating My Uniqueness

In summary of Romans 9:20 it says,
"Who are you, a mere human, to talk back or argue with God our creator.  We have no right to question the creator on 'why he made me like this?’”

Bottom line:
The created should not question the creator on “why we were made the way just the way we are?”

What this means to me:
Often I don’t understand why God has made me the way I am.  I”m not sure what my real purpose for being here is.  This passage reminds me is that I should not question God on the uniqueness of how he put me together.  God has a purpose for making me the way I am.  My shape (skills, heart, attitude, personality, experiences)  was sovereignly determined by God for his purposes.  So I shouldn't reject it, instead of trying to reshape myself to be like someone else, I need to learn how to celebrate the shape God has given only to me. "Christ has given each of us special abilities - whatever he wants us to have out of his rich storehouse of gifts." (Ephesians 4:7 LB)  Part of accepting my shape is recognizing my limitations. Nobody is good at everything, and no one is called to be everything. We all have defined roles. So I should be envious of the runner in the lane next to me?.  No I just need to focus on finishing my race. God wants me to enjoy using the shape he has given me.   The enemy will always try to steal the joy of service from me by; tempting me to compare my ministry with others, and by tempting me to conform my ministry to the expectations of others. Both of these are deadly traps that will only distract me from serving in the ways God intended. Whenever I feel as if I’m losing my joy in ministry, I need to start considering if either one of these temptations is the cause.