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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Choices Control My Calendar

In summary of Galatians 6:5 it says,
“Each person must be responsible for himself.”

Bottom Line:
Each must carry his own load

What this means to me:
I must take responsibility for doing the creative best I can with my life.  I am responsible for my own conduct and carrying my own load.  Therefore the choices that I make control how I spend my time.  My choices are far more powerful than my circumstances. I may not care for how complicated my life has become yet (with few exceptions) no one is forcing me to keep my life complicated.   I have the power to simplify my life. In fact, God expects me to assume responsibility for my life and to carefully choose how I spend my time.  God has given me just enough time to do his will while I’m here on earth. I've been given just enough time to fulfill my purpose. When I try to do more than what God has planned for me, it's only natural that I find myself out of time or stressed over your schedule.  Today I will consider what choices I’m making and how it impacts my time.