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Monday, August 13, 2012

Unique For A Purpose

In summary of Acts 20:24 it says, "But my life is worth nothing unless I use it for finishing the work assigned and entrusted to me (my mission,) with joy by the Lord Jesus; it’s the work of letting everyone I meet know all about the Good News about the wonderful grace (unmerited favor) of God."

Bottom Line:
My life is not worth anything unless I use it to finish the work assigned to me by Christ, the work of letting others knows all about the incredibly extravagant generosity of God (His unmerited favor.)

What this means to me:
Given all that God has given to me, my life would be worthless unless I used it to proclaim the good news about his amazing unmerited favor, spiritual blessing, grace and mercy that is available to all.  My life’s goal needs to be about doing this.  I must realize that I’m the only one who can live my life and that no one else is in competition with me to complete the task Jesus has given me.  God created me with such a unique mix of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experience that only I can be.  No one else can duplicate me, and I should never try to imitate someone else.  I am an original masterpiece from God’s hand.  This uniqueness means I’m the only one who can fulfill the mission God had assigned me to complete.  I shouldn’t really waste my life doing things that don’t matter, especially if they keep me from doing his will.  I should never consider myself inadequate, God designed me with the very skills he needs to do what he asks of me.