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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Learning To Get On God’s Timeline

In summary of John 7:6-8 it says, ‘Jesus replied don’t rush me, “for you, anytime is fine you have nothing to lose, but now however is not the right time for me to go.  The world can’t hate you, but it does me because I expose, accuse and testify that its work are evil.  You go on, I’m not going, my time has not yet come.”’

Bottom Line:
Jesus replied that his time had not come yet, but any time would be suitable for them.  At this point the world doesn’t hate them, however it does hate him because Jesus exposed, denounced and accused the leaders for their evil works.  He told his followers to go on, but he would be staying as his time had not yet come.

What this means to me:
Jesus told his followers to not rush or pressure him into going on to a large upcoming festival.  His time (or opportunity) had not yet come, however anytime would be suitable for them and the opportunity for them is ready for them at anytime.    Two key elements are present here for me.  1). We shouldn't rush or be pressured to do something if the timing for us is not right.  The only way for me to know the correct timing is to spend time and check in with God daily.  God has a plan for me, but I can better understand that plan by hearing from him daily.  2.)  Sharing about the truth and what Christ has done for me is suitable at any time.  I shouldn’t be afraid of being rejected/hated outright.  Many may not agree with me because I follow his truth because they have come accustomed to living to the world's standards and for themselves, however I will likely not be hated like Jesus was.  The world hated him because he denounced it for its wicked works and revealed how what it was doing was evil.  So he instructed them to go ahead to the feast, he would not be coming because the timing for him was not right.   Typically I live my life by the calendar, going from one meeting (or conference call) to another.  There is also work assignments that have time commitments.  So often I get home at night and not really want to do anything else.  If I reflect on Jesus, I see that he was never a hurried person.  He never seemed stressed over getting things done.  Jesus simply knew his father's timetable. He didn’t allow himself to be swept up into events that might distract him from his purpose or that might push him off of God’s timeline.  Jesus knew he had been sent by God for a purpose, and he stuck to that purpose.  Funny, as I am spending time this morning studying this verse and writing out my thoughts and trying to complete and head out to work I find myself being notified by an employee of a problem at work, my sister called asking for assistance to put together and install some Ikea furniture and one of my clients has called asking to speak to me about an existing project.  Seems I’ll need to always try to manage my time.  Probably the best thing for me is to continue to pursue what God has created me to be and do what he has in mind for me to do, then resolutely set out to accomplish His purpose.  I can think through a typical day and write out my major activities.  I can then consider which of those are in pursuit of God’s purpose for me and then what steps I can do to reduce the busyness of my life.