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Monday, April 4, 2011

Under Orders (Man and His Leadership)

This post is about Chapter 6 "Under Order" from "Tender Warrior" by Stu Weber.

The key in this chapter is being a man under authority / under orders.

God chose to describes man’s role in the home as “head”.  We are commanded to lead; it is not optional.  Husband is head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church.

In general people think:   A private person is king, anything goes, every man, every woman is an island.  Everyone does what is right in his own eyes so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else of course.   Stu compares this to a situation/analogy where there are no more traffic signals, everyone is on his/her own.

As men/husbands we must own a spirit of submission, not just a sense of technical hierarchy.   Men who demand submission from their wives but in turn submit themselves to no one, including God.

We cannot blame women for being frustrated because they fear the injustice of being under headship that itself is not accountable.  The real key of this chapter, “Men, are you coming under the authority of Christ?”

Am I loving my wife as myself, am I being harsh or inconsiderate with her?  Am I exasperating my children under my leadership.  Am I submitting to the authority of my local church leaders and civil government officials.

Before a man can ever lead, he must learn to follow.  How can a man credibly tech others to obey God if he doesn’t.

Husband = manager, steward, caretaker → to direct / manage.  To be a husband is to be responsible.
Head = directory, chief, headmaster, principle = leadership or authority

Man was the head, he was to be the responsible one.  As husbands you have been given a trust, a stewardship, a responsibility, a duty to manage to care for.  Women was made to be provide for, protected and cared for.  A man was made to be a provider, protector and care giver.

How should we respond to this call:  Accept and live it, trust and obey it, Take orders and follow them, all as men under authority.

A real man:
  • is kind
  • is caring
  • walks away from silly macho fights
  • helps his wife
  • help with the kids when they are sick
  • doesn’t run from his problems
  • sticks to his work and keeps his promises
  • is honest
  • is not in trouble with the law
Vision of a tender warrior:  A man who stays, who is bot in authority and under authority.

Based on this, here’s a question to leave you with:

In chapter 6, Stu provides the vision of a Tender Warrior, “A man who stays, who is both in authority and under authority.  What do you think it means to be a man who is in authority and under authority?