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Monday, April 4, 2011

Beneath The Breastplate (Man’s Tender Side)

This post is about Chapter 5 "Beneath the Breastplate" from "Tender Warrior" by Stu Weber.

Stu starts of this chapter with saying “In every man there is a tender side, the side that connects to another.”  A desire to be touched, to link, to be with.  A real man has feelings and isn’t afraid to express them.  Stu says that “High fives” are really hugs, (“chicken hugs”) - it’s the tender side trying to show through the warrior.

The English word Tender comes from the Latin root “Tendre” which means to stretch out or to extend.

A great example in scripture is the Apostle Paul.  He was a fighter, he exhibited and embraced a couple of key characteristics and traits of a tender warrior.  

Foremost was his Fond affection, which is a dedicated professionalism, finest of skilled caregivers.  The Heart of Paul’s ministry was the ministry of his heart; tender, gentle, fond, affectionate.  Care for one another - overcome obstacles, to feel oneself drawn to almost uncontrollable urge to hold, hug, to explode with joy of togetherness.  With Paul, his life was a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get.)  He was clear to the core.  He had imparted, had given, held nothing back.  Stu adds that a real man must not be afraid to tell you who he is, deep down inside.  A real man has the ability to stay with each other, give oneself away - real service.  As a real man we don’t have to pretend to be perfect - we don’t to prove we have it all together.

Based on this, here’s a question to leave you with:

In chapter 5, Stu made the statement “A real man has feelings and isn’t afraid to express them.”  Why is it hard for men to express or discuss their feelings?   Think of “Tender Warriors” around you, what do they have in common, or how are they different?  How would you emulate them?