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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Man and His Lady - Part 1

This post is about Chapter 7 "A Man and His Lady - Part 1" from "Tender Warrior" by Stu Weber.

We’re just different!
FocusedComprehensive - especially when it comes to relationships
One thing at a timeEvery comes and goes together
What happened earlier in the day has no connection to something later in the dayWhat happens earlier in the day has everything to do with what happens later in the day
Task orientedFocus on Relationships
[Part of Being a Provider / Protection]
[Part of Being a Helpmate]

Gen. 2:18
God said, "It's not good for the Man to be alone; I'll make him a helper, a companion....”
Helper does not mean inferior  (it’s says more about the one needing help)
Man is incomplete, he needs help
Culture is trying to tell us there is no fundamental differences, they don’t accept it.
God -> Men and Women are absolutely equal, however equality does not mean sameness.
Man/Women each think differently, view life differently.

Crux of existence for a woman:
  • Sense of relationship
  • Interconnectedness of people
  • Relationship colors every aspect of a woman’s life

Use conversation to expand and understand relationshipsUse talk to covey solutions
See People as mutually dependentSee People as self-reliant
CaringValue Freedom
Acton's within a context, linking one moment to the nextRegard events as isolated

It may be chitchat to a man, but to a woman, it’s lifeblood

How we see life differently:

See’s everything as connected, therefore describes it that way(A Man’s view of this is “takes forever to get to the point,” “Land the Plane Already”)
Sharing what is on their minds, that what makes it relevant.  We are together, there is no “Big Point”, no decision is requiredJust strives to get to the bottom line, cut away non-essential information
Sharing our hearts, that’s enough!

Women will fight isolation

Tend to be tough and strongTender and Gentle
Logic and linear thinkingEmotion and Verbal communication
Risk taker, ready to “Go for it”Security and Order
Relational InsensitivitySensitivity
Look towards the long haulConcerned about here and now
Skeptical and SuspiciousMore believing and trusting
Rough and CallousedKeen sensitivity to the slightest breeze
Doesn’t react to a breezeNotices beauty of even the tiniest flower
Not aware of the smallest of flowersConstantly aware of all the changes going on and around it
Not sensitive to slight changesAble to react to the slightest variation in the environment
Strength, when harnessed can pull a plow that four men couldn’t pullReacts swiftly toward anything that might hurt it
Tend to plow through circumstancesMan “feel” life and her surroundings with much more sensitivity

Based on this, here’s some questions to leave you with:

In chapter 7, Stu spent time talking about how culture doesn’t want to accept (other than physical differences) that Men / Woman are different.  Do you agree/disagree, why?

In Gen. 2:18, “God said, ‘It's not good for the Man to be alone; I'll make him a helper, a companion....’”   Do you think your need a helper?  Why/Why not?