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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The True Costs of Procrastination

In summary of Proverbs 15:19 it says,
“If you are lazy, you will meet difficulty everywhere, but if you are honest, you will have no trouble.”

Bottom Line:
Being lazy will block your way and cause you problems, but being upright will put you on a smooth path.

What this means to me:
If I’m lazy about what I do then my way will be blocked with difficulty, much like working my way through a field of thorns which will prick, entangle and slow me down - I might even give up!  If I choose the path of being diligent and doing what’s right with no delay, I’ll find that my way will be much easier, like driving down a well paved and smooth highway.  This speaks highly to my tendencies toward procrastination.  When I procrastinate, I’m essentially saying one of two things; “It’s easier for me to avoid this than to face it” or “It will be easier to handle this tomorrow (or later),” both of which are wrong.  This scripture reminds me that there are true costs to procrastination in my life.  First it causes me problems as it take something that may have been easier and makes it a crisis later either because of a timed commitment that I may not be meeting.  In addition the longer I wait to start something the harder it will be to get it started and going.  Secondly it wastes potential opportunities. I need to take the advantage of a situation when comes and while I’ve got it.  If I don’t, I’ll end up missing out.  Lastly it hurts the people God has placed around me.  Laziness on my part prevents me from being loving to others as loving requires commitment, energy and work on my part.  This morning I need to prayerfully consider the price I’m paying when I procrastinate.  As an example, for work related items It might be better for me to get a jump start on projects and tasks even if it just jotting down major ideas and small sentences / paragraphs.