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Friday, March 1, 2013

Being Responsible to Live Within My Means and Saving

In summary of Proverbs 21:20 it says, “Wise people store up the best and most precious treasures, but fools waste everything they have.”

Bottom Line:
The wise store up and maintain what’s valuable, but a fool spends whatever he gets

What this means to me:
A wise person will store up (not hoard) for the future and are careful in how they spend and use it.  A foolish person will waste and spend everything they have.  Rick Warren has pointed out that “the average American saves less than 5% of his or her income, because they have bought into this instant gratification society that says, ‘I've got to have it now!’ spending more than they make.”  God says that's foolish.  Furthermore he has pointed out that statistics indicate that fifty-four percent of the divorces in America occur over financial pressures, and most baby boomers are going to be flat broke in retirement. They're going to live in abject poverty because they're not saving anything.   I need to be more serious about dividing up what I bring home into at least three boxes: one for spending, one for tithing, and one for savings.  Many look to me for guidance since we had gone through a large problem a while ago.  I just need to keep this at the for font on my mind and continue to practice and model this approach in my own life.  I do have times when everything goes out the door?   So, moving forward regardless I need to learn to live on a margin. Living on less than you make and then putting some put away to save. God says that's being responsible.