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Monday, March 4, 2013

Admitting My Mistakes Allows Him To Help Me Overcome Them and Bring Good

In summary of Proverbs 28:13 it says, “You will never really succeed in life by God’s standards if you try to hide your sins. God will show you mercy if you if you confess and turn from them”

Bottom Line:
Harboring/keeping sin in your life will prohibit you from obtaining God’s best for you.  God will provide mercy if you choose to confess and turn from them.

What this means to me:
There is no way I can simply just hide or conceal (even whitewash over) sin in my life and get by with it.  Instead its best for me to choose to admit my sins to God and then turn from them.  When I do God offers his me mercy.  I’ve been irresponsible in my life, however God doesn’t want me to go around with a heavy guilt trip about this.  Instead he’d rather I went around with a  sense of promise and hope.  He tells me in his word that He will help me overcome my sins and can even bring good out of a stupid decision I’ve made if I simply just give them to Him.  I just need to use my savior to forgive my sins and clear my conscience.  Here's the good news for me to hold onto today; "All of us have fallen short, yet now God declares us not guilty if we trust in Jesus Christ who freely takes away our sins." (Romans 3:23-24)  I’m not alone in this.  So today I need to just review my life and consider if there is any lingering guilt or shame that is keeping me locked in a lifestyle of irresponsibility that is holding me back.