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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

With God You Never Have To Pretend

In summary of Psalms 69:5 it says, “God, you know every sin I’ve committed; My life’s a wide-open book before you.”

Bottom Line:
God you know everything I’ve done; my life is never hidden from you.

What this means to me:
God knows every foolish and sinful thing I’ve ever done.  My life is like an openbook, whatever I’ve done could never have been hidden from you.  So given this it is foolish for me to do something wrong and then try to sneak it past God (thinking he never noticed.)  Likewise it is foolish for me to take something I’ve done and to not deal with it rightly (ie. trying to stuff it in the closet, locking the door.)  God knows all, even stuff behind the locked doors.  Everything I think, everything I see, everything I do, everything I feel -- God knows all about it. He already knows all I've done wrong and yes He still loves me!   In essence, I not fooling God when I keep my sins hidden.  He’s not shocked by what I’ve done and not surprised when I admit it to Him.  Confessing my sin will never change the way he feels about me.  This frees me to be exactly who I am around God.  I never have to pretend or fake it; he will always love me unconditionally.  
Given this, I come to you today God and ask you to help me examine my life and bring to mind any unconfessed sin / wrongdoing so that I may confess it and receive your forgiveness.