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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't Trade Life For Temporary Things

In summary of 1 Corinthians 7:31 it says, “Those who use the things of the world should not become attached to them. For this world as we know it will soon pass away.”

Bottom Line:
Deal as sparingly as possible with the things the world thrusts on you. This world as you see it will not last.

What this means to me:
I need to be careful of all the things the world offers and the media/vendors often thrusts upon me.  I need to make sure I’m not becoming absorbed by or dependent upon them. I can be obsessed at times, thinking my time is my own and doing what I like.  God’s word reminds me that these things are all temporary and will not last.  The things that will last are the things after his own heart; my relationship with him and serving / sharing with others (being used by him to further his kingdom.)   As I think back, quite a bit of what I’ve did yesterday (or even in the past) will not matter even a year from now, much less for eternity.  I must not trade my life for things that are only temporary.  Allowing myself to become distracted takes me off course of what it is that he has planned for me to do.  There are times when I need recreation/rest, I just need to make sure I have clearly outlined and put together plans to do what’s important and not slack off on these in favor of distractions of this world (often without a plan the fun stuff seems to call me.).  In addition, the easy fun stuff comes when I’m not feeling 100%.  So today I need to focus on increasing my energy.  I’ve felt a bit run down and my body is aching the last few days.  I need to make sure I’m getting the right exercise, eating/drinking the right foods.  I’ll consider what I’m investing my time with and making sure it’s not for things that won’t matter.  God I ask you today to guide me in my actions, and help me to strip away the things that are slowing me down.