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Monday, February 25, 2013

Faith Is Something I Do

In summary of James 2:15-16 it says, “If a fellow man or woman has no clothes to wear and nothing to eat, and one of you say, “Good luck to you I hope you’ll keep warm and find enough to eat”, and yet give them nothing to meet their physical needs, what on earth is the good of that?”

Bottom Line:
If a brother or sister is without the necessities and all you say or do is say, “I wish you well” but not provide for their needs, what good is it.

What this means to me:
Does merely talking about faith indicate that I really have it?   If I come across or know of a brother or sister that is without the necessities to live and all I say, do or think is “I wish them well” but not provide for their needs, my words are worth nothing. Faith is more than something I just feel. I need to be careful to not confuse emotions and feelings with faith. Just going through the motions of a Christian doesn’t mean I’m really walking in faith.  In the Bible I see that faith is something that I do, not just what I feel (the proof is in the doing.)  Faith carries compassion. Faith says, “I’ll do anything I can to stop your hurt.” Throughout the New Testament, the witnesses say Jesus was moved with compassion for people. Jesus showed us that faith is practical.  When I see a need and do something about it, I show my faith by what I do.  Today I will try to not think of myself, but instead look to the needs of others.  The Bible tells me that the more I give my life away, the more I’ll be able to take the focus off myself.  When I serve others with unselfish love, and bless others with my time and talents the more I’ll show my faith in action.  When I do this I hope my counter-culture faith will be increasingly evident and hopefully this will make others be curious about my life and the God I serve.