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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Principle Of Replacement

In summary of Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows and is shaped by it.”

Bottom line:
Be careful how you think; your life is going to be shaped by your thoughts, it will determine the course of your life.

What this means to me:
I need to be careful as to what I’m letting into my heart (guidance system.)  It can come from media influences, popular opinion and my own selfish desires.  I find that what I fill my mind with becomes my course of direction.  This verse reminds me that above all else (it’s the most important thing), I need to guard tightly and be vigilant as to what gets into my heart.  It’s somewhat impossible to not be exposed to some form of media or other opinions.  I can however set-up a filter system in which to accurately access and discard what’s not good for me.  Keeping close to Christ and being in God’s words help this filter system to be strengthened.  This is also a way to get the better things into my life, feed them with those that can change my perspective and values.  I also need to be careful about what I say or talk to myself about.  Statements I think to myself like “i’m tired” is not always accurate.  There are times I hear myself saying this to myself because I don’t necessarily want to do what’s coming up more than that I’m really tired.  But I also need to keep from using negative talk about myself and my character.  There are things that need to be worked on, however, God isn’t expecting me to be perfect.  Saying negative things about myself is like telling God he blew it when he made me.  One way I can eliminate negative self talk is to fix my thoughts on what is true, good and right.  Then also I can think about all the things I can thank God for and then be glad in it.  I need to just focus on who God wants me to be and what He wants to do with my life.  To focus on who God wants me to be, I need to continually read and get into God’s word each day.  I need to study it and apply it to my life (even memorize if.)  I also need to remind myself what God says about me.