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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Courage To Serve With The Best I Have

In summary of Ecclesiastes 11:4 it says,
“Those who wait for the perfect weather will never plant.  So get on with it or you’ll never have a harvest.”

Bottom line:
If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

What this means to me:
If I spend my time waiting for the right conditions before I act, I’ll end up never getting anything accomplished.  If I worry about the weather or right environment/atmosphere, I won’t harvest a crop.  I need to get on with what I know needs to be done.  I believe that God expects me to do what I can with what I have and wherever I’m at when he asks it or I know that it needs to be done.  A less than perfect service will always be better than any of my best intentions.  I shouldn’t worry that I’m not good enough to do what God wants from me.  As a servant I need to do the best with what I have.  I need to remember that a servant doesn’t make excuses, procrastinate or wait for a better circumstance or time - they just do what needs to be done.  While I should strive for excellence, I need to be obedient and act when he requests.  It doesn’t have to be perfect for God to use and bless it.  I’ve had a plan in mind for a while now getting some of the older guys from my congregation together for a more routine fellowship time.  The idea is to start with just fellowship then eventually grow that get together time into things to help us build our character, leadership and faith.  I will plan for a Saturday evening get together either the 20th or the 27th.  I’ll bring it up as topic in my “Life Group” that I’ll be leading this coming Monday.  In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, I need to “Get’r Done!”