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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Change the Way You Think, Change Your Life

In Galatians 6:7 it says, “Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God. Whatever you plant is what you’ll harvest.” (GW)

I don’t plant apple seeds and get tomatoes.

In the same way, I don’t plant bitterness and get love. I don’t plant criticism and then get encouragement from others.

Galatians 6:7 says, “Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God. Whatever you plant is what you’ll harvest” (GW).

Read that again: “Whatever I plant is what I’ll harvest.” If I plant in the soil of my sinful nature and bad habits, I’ll harvest destruction and undesired outcomes. But if I plant in the soil of my spiritual nature, I’ll harvest everlasting life.

God has said for thousands of years that our sins can affect future generations. For instance, when I’m angry and lose my temper with my kids or grandkids, I’m setting them up to lose their temper with their kids. Sins get perpetuated in families, possibly for multiple generations. Not only does it work relationally and environmentally, but it also works physically. Our brains can actually be changed by repetitive behavior, for good or for bad.

Everyone used to think the brain was pretty much set in stone by the time you were an adolescent. Now we know about brain plasticity and how a brain can continue to be molded for the rest of life.

That’s good to know! It means if my brain has been naturally molded toward depression or a quick temper or anxiety, it can change.

But I’ve got to change the way I think. The Bible refers to this as repentance or changing your mind. I can change my mind, and when I do, it changes the way I feel. And when I change the way I feel, it changes the way I act.

So I need to plant in my spiritual nature and watch what amazing fruit God will reap in life.

I shouldn't be misled, I cannot mock the justice of God. I will always harvest what I plant. If I live to satisfy my own sinful nature, I will end up harvesting decay and death from that sinful nature. But if I live to please the Spirit I will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. So I should never get tired of doing what is good. For at the right time I will reap a harvest of blessing if I don't give up. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity, I should do good to everyone, especially to those in the family of faith.

It would be a surprise to plant corn but have pumpkins come up. It's a natural law to harvest what I plant. I'm finding that it's true in other areas as well. Every action has results. If I plant to please my own desires, I'll end up harvesting sorrow and evil. However, if I plant to please God, I'll harvest joy and everlasting life. So today I should consider what kind of seeds I’m planting?

It is discouraging to continue to do right and receive no word of thanks or see no tangible results. But Paul challenged the Galatians and myself, to keep on doing good and to trust God for the results. In due time, I will reap a harvest of blessings.

Every action of mine will have some type of result. Just like the farmer, there will always be a delay in receiving the harvest. Fruit takes time to ripen. Just know that while I’m waiting, God is working. Until then, trust that God is working, even when the fruit is not evident or seen yet. Just leave it to God and let him grow it in his timing.