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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Learn to Help Others with What God Has Taught Me

In review of Daniel 2:24 this morning, I read “Then Daniel went in to see Arioch, whom the king had ordered to execute the wise men of Babylon. Daniel said to him, Don’t kill the wise men. Take me to the king, and I will tell him the meaning of his dream.’” (NLT)

Daniel did not use his success to promote his own self-interest. He thought of others. When striving to succeed or survive, remember the needs of others.

When I’m faced with an impossibly big request, it’s easy to just give up. To figure that your boss should just find someone else. To guess that others just don't get me. To suspect my upper leadership isn’t paying attention to how many assignments they are giving me.

But what if God has more in mind? What if God put me in the situation because he wants me to help someone else?

In the story of Daniel, I’ve seen Daniel provide a great pattern for me to follow when we’ve been given an impossible task, in summary:

Don’t panic, and then get the facts.
Ask for more time.
Gather prayer partners.
Ask God for supernatural help.
Worship God

God gave Daniel the answer to the king’s dream, but Daniel wouldn’t tell the king without ensuring the safety of the wise men, the Babylonian wise men!

God doesn’t want to just save me. He wants to save others. He wants to save my family and friends. He even wants to save my competitors and enemies. God cares about everyone. And so should I.

This is why I need to continue reaching out to people with the Good News about Jesus. God wants everyone to know him and his purpose for their lives.

That’s my witness. That’s my mission in the world.

In summary, don't use my success to only promote my own self interest. Think of others. God has much more in mind. When I’m faced with an impossible task; don't panic - get the facts, ask for more time, gather prayer partners, ask God for supernatural help and then to worship Him. For God doesn't want to just save me, He wants to save others. God cares about everyone, and so should I. This is why I need to continue reaching out to people with the Good News about Jesus. That is my witness and mission in the world.

Father, this morning's study has made it clear. Not only what I should do when facing something impossible, but the reason to reach out to others to share the Good News with them about Jesus. I pray Father, with the help of the Holy Spirit that I recognize opportunities when they come my way to share about the Good News. I also ask for remembrance of Daniels' pattern for dealing with impossible odds. I ask you also for wisdom and guidance for my day, my work, my leadership and my interactions with others. These things I pray through your Son Jesus name, Amen.