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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

His Goodness and Mercy Will Always Follow Me

In review of Psalm 145:20 it tells me that, “The LORD watches over all who love him” (NIV).

Today’s verse comes from Psalm 145:20. In it, David tells us of how the Lord watches over and protects all those who love him, but he destroys the wicked.

Sometimes my burdens seem more than I can bear, and I may even wonder how I can continue on. In this psalm David stood at a similar bleak intersection of life's road and meditated on the Lord, the great burden-bearer. God is able to lift up because He is full of love, he satisfies all who trust in him. I can know that he hears my cries and will rescue me.

When God fills me to overflowing, I never need to fear the future. His goodness and mercy are with me every day. I’m following the Good Shepherd, and he is out in front of me with his rod and staff. And at the back of the flock are a couple of sheepdogs, goodness and mercy, nipping at my heels, making sure I don’t run off into a ravine. These two sheepdogs keep me on track as I follow the Good Shepherd.

God’s goodness is watching over me. Not a second has ever passed in my life when God was not watching me? God is always paying attention, because he created me to love me. He knows the highs and lows, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. God knows every detail of my life. Psalm 145:20 says, “The Lord watches over all who love him” (NIV).

Not only does he watch over me, he also protects me. The Bible says that God even sends his angels to protect me wherever I go (Psalm 91:11)?

God’s protection doesn’t mean that only good things will happen. Suffering and disappointment will still come my way. But God will ensure that good will come out of everything that happens to me, whether or not I’m able to see in this lifetime how he has been working.

God’s grace is working in me. The Bible says in Isaiah 60:10, “I will have mercy on you through my grace” (TLB).

Grace is when God gives me what I don’t deserve. Mercy is when God doesn’t give me what I do deserve. For all the ways I’ve sinned, failed, and made mistakes, I deserve punishment. Yet God pardons and forgives me through Christ, that’s mercy.

It is God’s nature to be merciful. He loves to show his mercy. He doesn’t get bored with it. He doesn’t get tired of it. He doesn’t get frustrated that I keep coming back for more. God doesn’t say, “Okay, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we’ll give goodness, and on Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll give mercy, and on Saturday and Sunday, I’m on my own.” He’s with me every moment of every day.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen next week, much less next year or in the next 10 years. But when I face the future, I can know this: God will fill my life to overflowing and his goodness and mercy will be with me. There is no need to fear.

Bottom Line:
He protects all those who love him, but destroys the wicked.

What this means to me:
The Lord will watch over and protect me because I love him.

In summary, the Lord watches over and protects me. He is able to so because he is full of love. I never need to fear what's ahead, for his goodness and mercy are will me every day. I'm following the good shepherd and in back of me are his sheepdogs, goodness and mercy, making sure I stay on track.

Today Father I thank you for your goodness, mercy and loving protection for me. You do this because you love me deeply and care about what happens. I pray this morning Father that I take your love, kindness, goodness and mercy into my day as I live it out. I was for your wisdom and guidance in my work, my leadership and my interaction with others. I pray this through your Son Jesus name, amen.