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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Won’t God Tell Me the Next Step?

In review of Ecclesiastes 5:4 it says, When you make a promise to God, don’t delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools. Keep all the promises you make to him.

Bottom Line:
God doesn’t like fools. So don’t be slow to keep your promises to God.

What this means to me:
When I make a promise to God that I will do something, I should not delay in doing it. God has no pleasure in fools. So keep all promises I make to him.

Today’s verse comes from Ecclesiastes chapter 5. In this section Soloman speaks of approaching God with care. He tells us that as we enter the house of God, we should keep our ears open and our mouth’s shut. We should not bring mindless offerings, make rash promises or be hasty in bringing matters before God. After all, God is above and we are here. So let our words be few. Too much activity makes us restless, however too many words makes us a fool. When we do make a promise to God, we should not delay in following through on it. For God takes no pleasure in fools. So keep all promises you make to him. It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it.  Don’t let your words make you sin. And don’t try to defend yourself by saying you made a mistake. For talk is cheap. Take God seriously.

Often I like to see a plan or complete course of action laid out in front of me so that I have confidence to move forward. However, what I have found with God is that he generally does not work this way. Instead God wants me to rely on him, one step at time. So far I already know a lot of things that God wants me to do with my life. So am I doing them?  If not, why?

God is the creator of all. As such God he does not owe me any explanations nor is He obligated to give me step 2 until I’ve already done step 1. While I want to know God’s will for my career/marriage, God’s is telling me, “Let’s get to the basics”, such as reading and absorbing his Word? Am I involved in a small group? Am I tithing and giving out of my abundance? Am I talking with Him?  

In trying to determine God’s will for my life, I just need start doing what I already know to be the revealed will of God for my life. In thinking through this, I recently attended a course at my church (a refresh for me) on what my shape is. I need to find a way to use what I have re-discovered / re-confirmed to serve others, such as participating in “Alpha” or in “FPU”  as a table leader.

Today’s verse in Ecclesiastes 5:4 reminds me that, “When you make a promise to God, don’t delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools” (NLT). So I shouldn’t delay. I should just do what I already know to do.

Today I pray: “Lord, I need your guidance in my life. I ask in faith that you direct me. Help me to listen for your response, to not get so busy that I can’t hear you. Father, when I don’t understand it, help me to trust you and understand that you have a path that is for my good. God, what’s my next step? Help me to do what I already know I should do. Help me to not get frustrated. Help me to not be fearful but to trust in you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”