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Monday, October 17, 2016

Making My Time Count

In review of Colossians 4:5 it says, “Use your time in the best way you can”

Bottom Line:
Use your time in the best way you can

What this means to me:
I am to be wise in how I interact with others, especially those who are not believers. I should make the best use of my time and opportunity I have.

Today's verse comes from Colossians 4 where Paul encourages prayer for sharing the Good News. In his encouragement Paul tells me to devote myself to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. I should pray encouragement that God will give opportunities to speak about his mysterious plan concerning Christ, regardless of our circumstances. Pray that I can proclaim the message as clearly as possible. He then encourages me to live wisely among those who are not believers, and to make the best use of my time and seize opportunities around me. I should always let my conversations always be gracious and attractive, so that my response that will not deter or push others away.

This verse reminds me of the need to use my time in view of eternity. Colossians 4:5 says, “Use your time in the best way you can” (ICB). I’m learning that time is my most precious resource. It’s far more important than money. While I could always get more money, there is no way for me to get more time. There is only a certain amount allotted to me in this life. I can’t make, borrow, save  or extend time. It can only be used. Everyone has the same amount of time each week: 168 hours. Learning to manage time is extremely important. If I can’t, I won’t be able to manage anything else, because time is my life.

Here is an interesting thought, God is watching to see how I manage my time on this earth to determine what he’s going to have me do in eternity. He’s giving me a test, because life on Earth is preparation for eternity. One of the Enemies strategies is to get me so busy doing unimportant things that I don’t have time for the important things. Satan doesn’t have to get me to sin. If he can’t get me to be bad, he’ll just get me to be busy.

The Bible tells me exactly what I should be doing with my time in Acts 20:24: “My life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus” (NLT).

God wants to use me, but he wants to make sure that I’m investing my time in the most important things. I need to use my time in view of eternity. Today I should consider, “How much of what I’m spending my time on is going to count five or 10 years from now? How much is going to count in eternity?”  What does my calendar / schedule tell how much of my time is spent on things that matter in light of eternity? What is the work that God has given me to do while I’m here on Earth?

Once I determine this, then I can refocus and spend my time differently so that I can accomplish the work God has given me to do.