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Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Choices Control How I Spend and Use My Time

In review of Galatians 6:5 it says, “We are each responsible for our own conduct.”

Bottom Line:
Each of us is responsible to manage our own conduct and carry our own loads.

What this means to me:
I am responsible to manage my own conduct and carry / manage my own load.

What I’m learning is that my choices are far more powerful than my circumstances. I may not always like how complicated my life has become. But with few exceptions, no one is forcing me to keep my life complicated.

I have the power to simplify my life. In fact, God expects me to assume responsibility for own life and to carefully choose how I spend my time.

God gives me just enough time to do His will while I’m here on Earth. I’ve been given just enough time to fulfill my purpose. When I try to do more than God has planned for me, it’s only natural that I will find yourself constantly out of time or stressed out over my schedule.

Ultimately, I am responsible to choose what I fill my mind with and the things I do. I alone am responsible for these choices. This morning I say thank you God for creating me and giving me the ultimate gift of choice. You leave the choice and free-will up to me. You never insinuate yourself, however you provide lots of ways for me to see and experience what you have meant life to be for me and how to better understand you. I should remember the choice is mine, and I alone will be ultimately held responsible for the choices I make. Furthermore, I ask for you to help me find and experience relief from stress and a new sense of satisfaction as I do only the things God created me to do.