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Monday, August 12, 2013

Using My Gifts Is An Act Of Worship

In summary of John 15:8 it says, “When you give much fruit, My Father is honored. This shows you are My followers.”

Bottom Line:
When you produce much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified.

What this means to me:

When I am following Jesus, one of his true disciples, I will produce much fruit.  This bring glory to God.  One way of doing this is to use the gifts that God has given me (small group leadership and mentoring.)  When I do this is it an act of worship.  God smiles when I use the gifts that he’s given you. The Bible says, “When you produce much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified” (John 15:8a AMP). When I use my gifts correctly, God gets the glory. And I certainly can’t please God with gifts I don’t have. God doesn’t expect me to be talented or gifted at everything. He just wants me to use what he’s given me.  The greatest feeling in the world I can get will come from using my gifts for God’s purpose.  I need to continue to develop the spiritual gifts that I have so that I can enjoy my life and bring glory to God.  In summary, I need to use my gifts to serve.  I should never hold back.  No matter how busy I am, I need to take time to use what he has gifted me for.