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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Importance Of My Specific Quiet Time Routine

In summary of Mark 1:35 it says, “Very early the next morning, Jesus got up and went to a place where he could be alone and pray.”

Bottom Line:
Early in the morning, Jesus got up and went to a place where he could be alone and pray.

What this means to me:
Early in the morning, while I’m fresh I get up get myself ready and begin my day by praying. This is the time when I’m at my best/freshest.  I want to give him the first part of my day and not any leftovers.  


  • I have a document where I have written out the areas of what I want to pray for (this keeps me on track and I can continually adjust it.)  I follow the A.C.T.S format.  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.
I strive to leave for work early (30min - 1 hour) and stop at a Starbucks near my office.  I get myself a cup of coffee and start up my laptop and access Google Docs.  

Actual Study:
  • At this point I spend time in his word going through either a verse of the day, or some form of daily devotional (“You Version’s Daily Devotional” or “Daily Hope” both by Rick Warren) and having my quiet time with God.  I pick a verse from my study for the day.
  • I review it in several translations ( - multiple verse lookup feature; The Message, Amplified, JB Phillips, Contemporary English and New Living Translation version.)  
  • I use Google docs to write down the date and where I’m at (Starbucks, a Hotel, Home, Work, etc..)
  • I write a summary statement (from the devotional or one that I think ends up matching my study.)
  • Cut and paste the various translations into the document.
  • Write a summary statement that captures the essence of the verse as best I can see from the various translations.
  • I then write a “Bottom Line” statement (a very condensed, get to the point statement of the verse.)
  • I then write open-ended “What this means to me:”   This is a combination of what comes to me from the verse and I then augment it with portions of learning from the daily devotional.  I typically aim to include a next step statement for myself.
  • Once I have completed this, I open my blog and paste in what I learned.

This is a fairly routine habit I have developed during the week day and I look forward to it.  It starts my day off right and gives me perspective as I handle things of the day.  It’s important for me to do this as a priority and to do it before anything else I have in the day so that I can start out with quieting my desires and living by His perspective.  Early in the morning works well for me, as Stephanie is dressed and out of the house and Jeanne is still asleep - the house is quiet.  I spend the first part of my quiet time praying.