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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learning How To Tune Into God

In summary of Job 33:14 it says, “God speaks in different ways, but we don’t always recognize his voice.”

Bottom Line:
God does speak to us, we just need to learn to recognize his voice.

What this means to me:
God speaks and reveals his will all the time.  He speaks in different ways (often simultaneously) however, I might not always recognize or perceive it.  He has designed me to hear his voice (I have a built in “receiver” in which to get his guidance.)  
God’s primary way of speaking is:
  • Through his word (the Bible). If I read each day, I can find God's will for me.)
  • God also speaks through pastors and teachers (this is especially evident when I feel as if what they are teaching/saying directly relates to me.)
  • God speaks through other Christians, even myself.
  • It’s important for me to stay in tune to him and learn his Word as sometimes God may use me to say things to others that he wants them to hear (God can speak through me.)
  • God speaks through my circumstances (and pain.)  
God is speaking all the time, but in order to hear, I must listen.  If I tune into God, he will lead me on the right path.  Today I will think through what he may be saying to me in his word (today’s study), through what I’m hearing from trusted individuals, and through my current circumstance to see if he is trying to tell me something I may not be hearing.