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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Uncommon Courage To Stand Up For A Biblical Worldview

In summary of Acts 18:9 it says, “One night God spoken to Paul in a vision and told him; do not be afraid, keep on speaking out, do not be silent.”

Bottom Line
Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent

What this means to me:
Like Paul, God encourages me to have great courage and to speak up for His viewpoint on life to others.  I’m not to be afraid of what others think of me, or what could potentially happen to me for speaking out.  God does not want me to be silent.  He promises to be with me.  God wants me to have an uncommon courage and to stand up for what I know is true and right.  The world (media, large interest group agendas) continue to speak and tell you a worldview that goes against God’s word and most come to believe it because it usually suits their desires / selfishness.  In order to best accomplish my speaking out, it is important for me to grasp what the world believes (what they base their beliefs in) and what God says is the truth.  Everyone has a worldview that they see life through.  People can see things differently based on conflicting worldviews.  Like “instagram” which can take bad pictures and make them look better through filters, it is still the same bad or so-so picture.  Peoples worldview includes how the view God, themselves, others, past, present and future, money, time, good and evil.  It influences everything in their lives.  Every decision is made based upon their worldview.  Unfortunately, most people’s worldviews have been profoundly influenced by the media and others.  It is vitally important that I help others know the worldview based on God’s Word (which is the truth.)  So, what I hear God telling me is to make a stand for his truth, help others know that just adopting the worlds way of doing things is hurting them.  Taking that kind of stand will require an uncommon courage that is only available through my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and how it contrasts.  I also need to review what my worldview is.  What do my everyday words and actions say about my worldview.  Am I really living based on what I believe.  I may need to make some changes.