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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reconciliation: Being An Agent Of Peace

In summary of Matthew 5:9 it says, "God blesses the ones who work for peace (show others how to cooperate instead of compete or fight.)  That’s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family (called one of his children.)"

Bottom Line:
God will bless those who are showing others how to cooperate instead of compete or fight (working for peace.)  When you do this you’ll discover who you really are and the place you have in God’s family (to be called one of his children.)

What this means to me:
God will provide blessings to me when my goal is to work with others to cooperate / reconcile instead of fight / compete.  The peace alone from the lack of conflict is a blessing in and of itself, as all can rest easier and not be preoccupied with selfish desires.  God tells me that when I conduct myself in this manner I’ll begin to discover who he really made me to be and the place he has for me in his family.  Of course if I’m not focused on God’s peace always then my natural reaction is quite the opposite.  So with God’s help each day (having daily time with him in prayer and his word) I need to stop and reflect when I’m facing a conflict situation.  I should concentrate on reconciliation rather than resolution.   A reconciliation will re-establish a relationship that would otherwise be torn down.  Resolution may not always be possible as each of us is wired differently, so we won’t always agree.  We can however disagree without being disagreeable.  Scripture points out that is wise to compromise in order to preserve the relationship.  So I need to focus more on the relationships, when I do so, the actual issue will likely be more insignificant.  In a world where everyone wants their own way I need to commit to becoming an agent of reconciliation.  It will always be more rewarding for me to resolve a conflict that it would be to see a relationship get dissolved.  Currently at work, I’m facing a situation where two of my direct reports are at odds with each other.  I am currently working on helping each of them see each others side and style.  They can disagree without be disagreeable.  They can use their differences to benefit the organization.