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Monday, August 8, 2011

The incredible power of fathering - a man and his children - part 1

This post is about Chapter 9 "The Incredible Power of Fathering" from "Tender Warrior" by Stu Weber.

Being a father yields tremendous power for our kids/those around us.
A special power is mold another’s life, shape it, give it form.

Model our life after Christ/God’s character,He is the ultimate:
  • King and Pro-visionary
  • Mentor and Transformer - Master teacher
  • Friend - caregiver, over - He gave us everything He had - including His own Son to care for us.

He is the Father “from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name (Eph 3:15)

We are to become a man after God’s heart
Be reconciled with children - God’s saving power released
Be at odds with children - powers of destruction are beckoning

Like gravity, fathering affects all
Presence or absence of masculine leadership
The “vanishing father” is central to the changing American family structure

Be there to provide a loving touch, care and comforting
A Father’s influence on daughters lasts a lifetime

Why aren’t men taking hold, showing how to hold on, guiding them, helping them grow

You don’t need to have children to father.  At it’s heart it has everything to do with originating, influencing and shaping.
Every man is a father (King, Warrior, Teacher, Friend)
An originator/source, caring, founder/foundations, author
puts together scope / sequence of life, authors / create curriculum for development

Responsibility - Accepts it, takes hold

Help your kids (others) hold on through; disappointments, sorrows, temptations, hurts, and crazy circumstances.
Hold on tightly to God’s hand
Let him be your confidence/wisdom/stability that you find on your own.

In summary, We as men are responsible. Consciously or unconsciously, how we father affects our kids (others.)  We are to provide; a loving touch, care, comforting.  We are to; take hold, show how to hold on, guide them, help them grow.  It has everything to do with originating, influencing and shaping. As God as our example of the Ultimate Father and as we hold onto him as our source.

Based on this, here’s a question to leave you with:

In Chapter 9, Stu states "You don’t need to have children to father, at it’s heart fathering has everything to do with originating, influencing and shaping."  What have you done, are doing, or will doing to make the greatest influence or to shape those in your family or around you?