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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Re-installing Windows XP

It will eventually happen. Your Windows XP system will become slow and sluggish. Best remedy to correct this is a fresh re-install of the operating system. This of course is a several hour task at best and can involve tracking down software license keys, configuration settings, etc... My parents Windows XP system is now at this point and I'll soon be embarking on the process of the re-install.
However, before you re-install, there are few things you should have available to you or things/settings you should know about the current system before you do this. There are so many things to remember to look at and just when you think you have it all, you discover later that you missing something. A checklist is in order to help you remember these items. A while back I heard Mike Smith from the "" taking about this very thing. He had a link from a past podcast show that I thought I would pass along. It's his version of a "Windows Reinstall Checklist." I know I'll be printing this out and looking it over to make sure I've captured, backed-up and copied all the relevant information that the system will need. (By the way, I have used this same checklist in the past to rebuild my Daughters home XP system after it got infected with some crazy spyware after downloading a myspace page theme.

Here's the link to the PDF File...

Also, here's another great link about slip streaming XP SP2 into your install to save time from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows.

Good Luck with any re-installs you have..