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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Before God Speaks, Decide to Say “Yes”

In review of Luke 8:15 it says, “The seeds that fell in good soil stand for those who hear the message and retain it in a good and obedient heart, and they persist until they bear fruit” (GNT).

Today’s verse comes from the same passage in Luke 8:9-15, that I looked at yesterday. In it Jesus explains to his disciples his parable of the four seeds. In the parable, the seed is God's word. Seeds that fell on the footpath represent those who hear the message, only to have the enemy come and take it away from their hearts and prevent them from believing and being saved. Seeds on the rock represent those who hear the message and receive it with joy. But since they don't have deep roots, they believe for a while, then they fall away when the face temptation. The seeds that fell among the thorns represent those who hear the message, but all to quickly the message is crowded out by the cares and riches and pleasure of this life. And so they never grow into maturity. All the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God's word, cling to it, and patiently product a huge harvest.

"Footpath" people, like many of the religious leaders, refuse to believe God's message. "Rocky soil" people, like many in the crows who followed Jesus, believe his message but never get around to doing anything about it. "Thorn patch" People, overcome by worries and the lure of materialism, leave no room in their lives for God, "Good soil" people, in contrast to all the other groups, follow Jesus not matter what the cost.

What I’m learning is that God speaks to those who decide they’re going to do what he tells them to do, even before he tells them. It’s saying, “God, if you want me to move, I’ll move. If you want me to leave this job, I’ll leave this job. Before you even tell me, my answer is ‘yes.’ Whatever you want me to do, I will do it.”  

Luke 8:15 says, “The seeds that fell in good soil stand for those who hear the message and retain it in a good and obedient heart, and they persist until they bear fruit” (GNT).

While this parable talks about four kinds of people: those who are resistant, those who are shallow, those who are busy, and those who are good.

This parable also represents four attitudes. Interestingly enough, I can have all four attitudes in the same day! One moment I’m saying, “God, I don’t want to hear you, because I know what you’re going to say.” And the next moment I say, “Lord, tell me quickly.” Then I hear it and think it’s good, but I don’t do anything about it. Then the fruit starts to appear, but then I get busy with work, and the weeds grow up. Then other times I may say, “God, do whatever you want. I’m totally open to you.”

God wants me to have an attitude of obedience so that I can bear fruit, which is the biblical term for being successful. God wants me to be fruitful in my, family, friendships, relationship with God, relationships with others, and my health.

I’ve just learned that one of the best ways to bear fruit when God tells me something, is to pass it on. When God tells me something, the quickest way to let it bear fruit in my life is to tell somebody else what I’ve just learned.

Another version of Luke 8:15 says, “They listen to God’s words and cling to them and steadily spread them to others who also soon believe” (TLB). God wants me to pass on to others what I learn.

Bottom Line:
Retain what you learn with a good and obedient hear. Persist, follow and do.

What this means to me:
I need to take and retain what I hear / learn with an obedient heart. Then be ready to do whatever it is, no matter what it might cost me.

In order for me to develop a “yes, God” attitude, I need to make it a habit to put into practice what I learn. I can also ask God to help remind and guide me via the Holy Spirit to speak to me and remind me when I’m not in a “yes” mode. I also need to reach out to those around me and explain what I’ve just learned or been told. Let them know what I should do and how I’m reacting to it.

This morning Father, I pray that I will be open to hearing from you and making immediate application of it, no matter what it may cost me. Also I should not be afraid to explain to others what I’ve learned and what I’m doing as a result of it.