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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Living By Commitments And Not Feelings

In review of Hebrews 11:27 it says, “It was faith that made Moses leave Egypt without being afraid of the king’s anger. As though he saw the invisible God, he refused to turn back”

Bottom Line:
Faith is what allows us to move forward, knowing God is there with us

What this means to me:
Faith is what will allow me to move forward in a situation. In faith I can see God right there with me

It took faith for Moses to give up his place in the palace, but he could do it because he saw the fleeting nature of great wealth and prestige. It is easy to be deceived by the temporary benefits of wealth, popularity, status, and achievement, and to be blind to the long-range benefits of God’s Kingdom. Faith helps me look beyond the world’s value system to see the eternal values of God’s Kingdom.

I have to admit that Sometimes I don’t feel like being nice to everyone. I don’t feel like doing the unselfish thing. I’d rather just sit in my recliner and watch TV. I don’t want to do one more thing today. I don’t want to handle another problem. But just because I don’t feel like it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.

I’ve found that if the only time I pray is when I feel like it, the enemy will make sure I never feel like it. If the only time I read my Bible is when I feel like it, the enemy makes sure I never feel like it. I’m learning that maturity is when I live my life by my commitments, not by my feelings.

Also I’m finding the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people don’t feel like doing. They develop habits. They stay committed. You don’t get to the Olympics because you feel like it. You get to the Olympics by hours and hours of training that you didn’t feel like doing. You don’t become a master musician without hours and hours of rehearsal that you probably didn’t feel like doing all the time.

In the same way, I won’t become a godly man or woman by simply doing what I feel like doing. Godly men and women choose to develop the habits that produce godliness in their lives. It’s not any easier than working out or dieting or rehearsing or anything else that may be good for you but you don’t feel like doing.

So how can I develop this kind of persistence?

The key is to look not at my problem but at the Lord. Probably the greatest example in the Bible of persistence is Moses. For 40 years, he led a group of crying, squabbling, complaining babies around the desert while they questioned his leadership the entire time. Yet he never gave up.

Hebrews 11:27 says, “It was faith that made Moses leave Egypt without being afraid of the king’s anger. As though he saw the invisible God, he refused to turn back” (GNT). Moses “saw the invisible God.” He kept his eyes on God.

So one of the keys for me is to keep my eyes on God. If I focus on own problem, I’m going to be distressed and depressed. If I focus on God, I’m going to be at rest.

Today as I reflect on this, I may have been as diligent as I should be in my responsibility as grow group coach. With recent changes and not much response from the group leaders I have prematurely set this aside. Seems I need to be a bit more focused on what God wants to do though me in this role vs. what is convenient and easy for me.

I will keep my focus on Him today and listen to his voice and what he wants. I will ask for His help to push through and difficulties and not give up.