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Friday, December 1, 2017

If I’m Thankful, My Life Will Show It

In review of 1 Chronicles 16:34 it says, “Oh, give thanks in the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

Bottom Line:
The Lord is good and kind, and his mercy endures forever.

What this means to me:
I can give thanks to the Lord for he is always good, in fact his faithfulness, mercies and kindness go on forever.

Today's verse comes from 1 Chronicles 16 and is part of David's song of praise. Four elements of true thanksgiving are found in this song: (1) remembering what God has done, (2) telling others about it, (3) showing God's glory to others, and (4) offering gifts of self, time, and resources. If I am truly thankful, my life will show it.

When I declare God's character and attributes in the presence of others, I recognize and affirm his goodness, and I hold up his perfect moral nature for all to see. Also, praise to Him benefits me, because it takes my mind off of my problems and needs, and let's me focus on God's power, mercy, majesty, and love. In addition, my praise should also give credit where credit is due. When I worship, give God all the glory.

I’m encouraged this morning to remember God’s amazing grace. I was once lost in sin, and the loving hand of God reached down and pulled me out. He washed me in His precious blood, redeemed me, and set me free.

So I can choose today to give God thanks for all the good things He has done instead of reminding Him of what still need to be taken care of. While there is air in my lungs, I should use it to glory His Holy Name.