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Monday, November 13, 2017

Loyalty Depends on Unconditional Commitment, Regardless Of The Outcome

In review of Daniel 3:17-18 it says, “If the God whom we serve is able to save us from the blazing furnace and from your power, then he will. But even if he doesn't, Your Majesty may be sure that we will not worship your god, and we will not bow down to the gold statue that you have set up.”

Bottom Line:
God can save us from trouble, but even if he doesn’t it won’t alter my commitment to Him.

What this means to me:
The God I worship can save me from all forms of trouble. But even if he doesn’t, I still won’t give into that which offers riches, fame, or other fleeting forms of happiness.

The three boys were pressured to deny God, but they chose to be faithful to him no matter what happened! They trusted God to deliver them, but they were determined to be faithful regardless of the consequences. If God always rescued those where were true to him, Christians would not need faith. Their religion would be a great insurance policy, and there would be lines of selfish people ready to sign up. We should be faithful to serve God whether he intervenes on our behalf or no. Our eternal reward is worth any suffering we may have to endure first.

What I’m learning is that God’s delays are not always denials. These boys knew that God could save them, but even if he didn’t, they would honor Him and refuse to bow to the idol. Their loyalty didn’t depend on God doing what they wanted Him to do; rather their commitment as unconditional. Disappointment would not lead them to disbelief.  They knew God could delivery them and if he chose not to, they wouldn’t become bitter. The would die as living monuments to Him, refusing to bow to the gods of this world.

When the flames of disaster are licking at my heels, God will show up right on time. Refuse to worship worldly gods that offer riches, fame, or other fleeting forms of happiness. Feeling last but a moment. Faith is forever.