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Monday, August 8, 2016

Learning to Give Jesus Control of My Career

In review of Matthew 6:33 it says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need”.

Bottom Line:
Put God’s Kingdom and work first, he will provide the rest.

What this means to me:
I am to be more concerned with the Kingdom of God and what he wants. If I do, he will provide everything else I need.

In order to turn my life from emptiness to overflowing, I need to give Jesus complete control of my life, including my career.

Luke 5:3 says, “Jesus got into one of the boats, the one that belonged to Simon, and asked him to push off a little from the land. Then Jesus sat down and continued to teach the people from the boat” (NCV).

The disciples had worked all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus stepped into their boat and told them to cast their nets again. When they did, they caught so many fish that the nets began to break! It was the same lake, the same boat, the same nets, the same fishermen, and the same fish. The only difference between nothing and fullness was Jesus is in their boat.

As a starting point: I’ve got to get Jesus in my boat.

The boat for me, is how I make my living. Simon’s business was his boat because he was a fisherman. The boat represents my career, profession, and job, just like it represented Simon Peter’s entire livelihood.

Having Jesus in my boat means I dedicate my career to God and give him control of my career.  I can just put him on the shelf, rather I need him there with me and I need to trust him with it.

When Simon Peter gave his job to Jesus, he was blessed with incredible results. It’s important for me to remember the sequence. It’s not, “God, make me really successful in business, and then I’ll serve you with the success.” Wrong! It’s the exact opposite. First, Peter gave Jesus control of his job. Then Jesus blessed Peter’s job with enormous success. That’s the order.

Today’s verse in Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (NLT).

This is true for my career as it is with everything else.  Whatever I want God to bless, put him first in it. To have my time blessed, I give him the first part of every day. To have God bless my money, I give him the first 10 percent of your income, and work toward giving more. So if I want  God to bless my job, I give him control, no matter how successful I am.