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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

God Breaks, Then He Multiplies

In review of Ecclesiastes 11:1 it says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days”

Bottom Line:
Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later.

What this means to me:
I am to be generous and to give. In time, I’ll be rewarded.

What I’m learning is that whatever I give to God, he multiplies.

If I give God my talent, he’ll multiply it. If I give God my energy, he’ll multiply it. If I give God my time, he will multiply it. If I give God my money, he will multiply it. If I give God my relationships, he will multiply them. Whatever I choose to give to God he will multiply and give it back.

Ecclesiastes 11:1 says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” (RSV).

There’s a miracle in the Bible that Jesus did to teach this truth. Five thousand people followed Jesus out in the middle of the desert. He taught them all day, and at the end of the day, they were all hungry. The disciples told Jesus to send them all away. Instead, Jesus told the disciples that they needed to feed the people. In this, He was testing their faith. He wanted to see if they would depend on him to provide what they needed to feed 5,000 people.

Out of that huge crowd, one little boy had brought a lunch pail, and inside were five little loaves of bread and two dried fish. This little boys lunch was brought to Jesus and given to him.

Jesus took the bread and loaves. He prayed and broke it and blessed it and multiplied it. He tore it apart and began to feed everybody. It fed all 5,000 people! There were 5,000 witnesses to this miracle.

Not only did the small meal feed 5,000; when they picked up all of the leftovers at the end, there were 12 baskets full of leftovers!

What I’m also learning is that God always gives me more than I need, more than I anticipate, more than I can imagine. He took what the boy gave. He broke it, he blessed it, and he used it.

This is much of what God does in my life. I suppose the hard part is the breaking. But if I allow God to take and break me, he will then bless me. He will not only bless me, but others as well.

Today, I should consider what am I will to give to God to use today, for God breaks, then he multiplies.  Will I be willing to submit myself to be broken.  I believe God wants me to learn how to live with an open hand, freely willing to give what I have for his use.