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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I’m Shaped for a Life Mission

In review of Isaiah 43:21 it says, “I have formed these people for myself. They will praise me.”

Bottom Line:
God has formed us for himself so that we would sing his praises.

What this means to me:
I have been formed by God for his own purpose. I am to honor him by doing what he made me to do and to sing / displays his praises to those around me.

What I’m learning is that I am commissioned by God for a life mission and not just a task!

In Isaiah 49:5 it says, “And now the LORD speaks — the one who formed me in my mother’s womb to be his servant, who commissioned me” (NLT)

My shape; which equates to my spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences all things God equips me for my life's mission and my life's message.

So what really is my life's mission? It’s my life’s work. It’s what God created me to do on this earth. The body of my life work is my life mission.

So what is really my life's message? It’s what God wants to say to the world through me. It’s unique. It’s my message from my life to the world.

Life’s message can not be given by someone else, because they are not me. Only I can determine my lifes message.  More importantly If I don’t give my life message to the world, it will never be heard.

When an artist accepts a commission, he makes a commitment to complete a certain task. Likewise, I have been commissioned by God to fulfill my mission and my message in the world. God has shaped me and given me the exact tools and traits that I need to complete my task, and when I use them to complete my mission, it will please Him.

In today’s passage from Isaiah 43:21, it says, “I have formed these people for myself. They will praise me” (GW).

How can I do that? How can I broadcast God’s praises with my life? By being who God made me to be.

When I use the gifts and abilities and personality and passion and experiences that God gave me that make me, me, that brings glory to God.

God has formed me with unique skills and abilities to do only what he can do through me.  In thinking through how God has shaped me thus far, I know I like leading small groups, teaching, passing on learning experiences, mentoring others and using my musical talent to help others worship. He has given me the ability to be a strong and trusted leader in the workplace. One who understands technology and can lead technology related efforts. Even more now, I’m learning a lot more about what it takes to lead individuals. These are all things that make me uniquely me.

Interestingly enough I’m sure there are things about my unique make up that I still don’t know. I likely have hidden talents that have not surfaced because I have not stretched myself.

So today I will consider how I’m using my shape in the workplace to do what God created me to do and say about him to the world around me.