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Friday, January 23, 2015

Learnnig to Master My Moods

In review of Philippians 2:5 it says, “Your attitude should be the kind that was shown us by Jesus Christ.”

Bottom Line:
Your attitude must be the same way the Christ Jesus demonstrated.

What this means to me:
I need to adopt the attitude and thinking that Christ Jesus demonstrated.

Success will come from learning how to master my moods. When I experience emotion that isn’t getting me where I want to go, I've have two options for it: Either change it, or channel it.

Often I need to change what I’m feeling.

Some emotions are very destructive, damaging, harmful, and non-effective. The only thing I can do with these is to change what I’m feeling.

Philippians 2:5 reminds me, “Your attitude should be the kind that was shown us by Jesus Christ” (TLB).

My attitude includes my emotions, so what I’m feeling should be the same as that of Jesus. I need to ask myself, “How would Jesus feel in this situation? Would Jesus get irritated with this waitress? Would Jesus yell at that person? Would Jesus be up all night, worrying that it isn't going to work out? Would Jesus be fearful?” No he wouldn't.

Then, in my response, I need to instantly dismiss any feeling that doesn't make me more like Jesus. If Jesus wouldn't respond with that emotion, then I shouldn't, either. I simply drop that attitude, and I figure out what Jesus would do instead.

At other times, I need to channel what you’re feeling.

I need to decide to channel the feeling; grief for good, and pain to helping others. I should never waste a hurt or problem I've gone through. I need to use it for good.

Also, what I’m learning is that my greatest ministry will not come out of my strengths and successes. I can come out of my deepest pains and struggles.

So, I need to consider how I’m using pains in my life, for good. One such example is the long struggle my wife and I had with finances in the past. By making the right decisions we were able to pull ourselves out of that situation. We now spend time with others counseling and encouraging them that they to can get through it.

Often emotions for me are a default reaction. I feel cheated, slighted or that I’m not getting my fair share. I’m likely holding onto this because, changing my reaction and attitude to think like Jesus would remove some of that entitlement I want to feel, and want to hold on to that. In the longer run, re-thinking my default emotions will take some work. I’ll need to eliminate my feelings of entitlement and ask the Holy Spirit to remind me to stop and think about either changing the feeling or re-channeling it for good.