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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Learning To Say Thanks for Answered Prayer

In review of Habakkuk 3:2a it says, “O Lord, now I have heard your report, and I worship you in awe.”

Bottom Line:
Lord, I know of your reputation, and I worship you in awe

What this means to me:
Lord, I know of your reputation, I am filled with awe by your amazing works. In my time of need, help me again as you have done in the past, show me your power to save me and be merciful in your wrath. In order to hear God speak, I need to worship and thank him for being a part of my life and for being interested in all of the details. Thank him for answering my prayers: as stated in Habakkuk 3:2a, “O Lord, now I have heard your report, and I worship you in awe” (LB). God provides me with his vision, he gives me a dream. I know what God wants me to do, so now I move toward thanking him for answering my prayer. This is all part of worshiping God. What I’m learning is that I should stop seeing my prayers as a monologue and start seeing them for what they truly are; a dialogue. Prayer is to be a conversation with God. God hears me when I pray, and he answers when I ask questions. What I need to realize is that He wants to talk to me every day. I won’t be able to hear God until I know God, and there are three levels of knowing Him: recognition, acquaintance, and friendship. God wants me to live beyond the first two and be at and maintain the friendship level with him. He wants to be my friend, and he wants me to be his friend. God wants me to talk with him all the time. I’ll end today with this prayer. “Dear God, I'm amazed that you would want me for a friend. I really want to learn to have conversations with you. Help me to spend time with you every day. Thank you that you care about every detail of my life. Jesus, I want to know you more and more every day, and I want to depend on you for guidance in my job, my family, my future, and in every other area of my life. I invite you to be the manager of my life, my Lord and Savior, as I follow you and trust you. In your name I pray. Amen.”