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Monday, July 9, 2012

Guard What Gets Into Your Heart

In Summary of Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all else, guard and keep a vigilant watch over your heart and what you think, for it determines course of everything you do in life, it shapes your thoughts and future actions (it is the starting point.)“

Bottom Line:
You must keep a close guard/watch over your heart and what you think about and take in.  Your heart will determine the course of everything you do and think in life.  

What this means to me:
This scripture warns me to guard and keep a vigilant watch over what I take in and allow to shape my heart and thoughts.  God knows that whatever I dwell and focus on will become part of my life, these things will determine my feelings which in turn end up determining my actions.  So given this I need to be careful what I let into my mind/heart including self talk about how I feel about myself (I can be my own worst self critic - putting myself down.)  I reminded this morning as I study Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Connection devotional from July 5th that when I put myself down, I’m really in essence pointing to the one who made me, say “God, you blew it with me” which I know is wrong, as God never makes mistakes.  So I need to be careful what I’m allowing into my life.  Philippians 4:8 reminds me to “fix my thoughts on what is true, good and right.”  So when I’m disappointed in myself I should turn those into opportunities to reflect on what I can thank God about and be grateful for it.  Next focus my thoughts on what I want to be and on what God wants me to do in this life.  Then be sure that I continually get into and absorb God’s word each day.  As I do, I need to fully study it, understand what it says to do and then apply it.  Ultimately I need to start believing in what God says about me.